Schiehallion Lager



/bright yellow

/fluffy spume

/When it is raining but nobody has an umbrella you should wonder. Once you pull out your rain cover you figure it is too windy to protect yourself from the wet. So happens in grey Greenock on a nasty November day. Turning back to the hotel walking Jamaica Road makes you wonder who the heck introduced that to Scotland. You figure either you become an overly creative performer in this weather or you just get drunk every day. Following the second thought, Schiehallion is a choice. The beer calls itself the champagne of lagers, and indeed it provides a malty flavor that just leaves some grapefruit bitterness on the tongue. At least you feel less of a mouse in the dirt anymore having a few sips in the warm hotel. And as the label says: “unstrap your knapsack, find a comfy boulder and pour out some pure, premium pluck. It’s all downhill from here.” Same as the rain in Scotland!

btw…”If science is your bag, then you’ll be fascinated to discover that the hill was once the object of an experiment to weight the world.”



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